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The Definition: The love of classic cars

It is the determination, to see a classic and historic car that has been neglected in time, restored. It is the feel of enjoyment of driving it again. It is the power source that drives us day by day.
Starting quite young, with the restoration of my first bicycle, I had the feeling of creating, of improving, the feeling of satisfaction. The disassembly, the rust removal, the washing, even the contact with tools are part of the love of classic vehicles.
Growing, and with the help of my father, in our garage, slowly we gave "life" to our own Willy's (MB mod '45).
Since 1987, and managing various problems, my hobby evolved to my work. My company today, with a staff of twelve, continues the restoration, service, improvement and sale of historic military and civilian Jeep.

My work continues to be something magic even as time goes by.

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