The GPV (General Purpose Vehicle) remains, the authentic off-road vehicle, and its evolving in parallel until nowadays in various areas.

From a war machine, to a entertainment vehicle, sport or hobby, it becomes the mean to escape everyday life, finally it becomes a way of life.

Travel and training center(TnT): The main objective of the Hellas GPV Club is to provide organized tours, to explore unknown areas of inside or outside of Greece, since we can go anywhere!
GPVC members have exclusive benefits, while they enjoy low prices for the clubs rush out, and also training in off-road technics.

Fun and Action(FnA): Other objectives of the Hellas GPV Club is to entertain its members with parties and cultural pursuits.

Technical Support(TS): Members of the Hellas GPV Club have the added benefit of having technical support by phone or e-mail, service priority and lower rates.

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