> Ford Jeep M151 A2

  > Willys M38

  > ΜΒ

Model 1943

100% authenticity

Full restoration on body, sandblast, anticorrosive protection

Full restoration on motor engine, gearbox, differentials, brakes, bearings, suspension, zero kilometers

New electrical installation 6volt – linen covered cables

Waterproof soft top, tapestry and seats, all new, military canvas

New tires 6.00 x 16

Guarantee 10.000 Km


  > M38 A1

Full restoration on body

Ford motor engine 1600cc

Hydraulic steering 

Guarantee 10.000 Km


  > Μ151 Α1

6.500 miles

Full restoration on body, engine and electrical parts, tapestry

Water repellent canvas rooftop

Between front seats storage box

Antenna base and receiver

Shovel – Axe – Fuel Tank

Advanced suspension system

Military type tires 7.00 x 16

Original - Authentic 100%

Guarantee 10.000 Km


  > M38 Α1 JEEP Wr

Body: sand blasted, anti rusting protective, plasticized

Chassis: upgrade (magnification of traverse, bracket of suspension)

Engine: unleaded, 130Hp AMC

Transmission: 5+1, hydraulic clutch

Brakes: air front discs - drums, stainless steel brake lines SERVO power brake booster

Suspension: 2'' lift, KONI socks, poly urethane bushings

Differential: DANA 35, DANA 30 lock light lockers,31x10,5x15cc

Guarantee: 10.000 Km


  > M38

Full restoration with new authentic spare parts

Sandblast, anticorrosive protection, paint

Fully restored motor engine, gearbox and fast – slow, front and back differentials, breaks and suspension system

Electrical installation, lights, instruments, fuses, all new

Brand new seats and roof, waterproof military canvas  

Authenticity 100%

Guarantee 10.000 Km



Full restoration on body , engine and electrical parts, front and back seats tapestry.
Water repellent canvas rooftop and doors
Water fording kit
Between front seats storage box
Radiator cover
Koni Absorbers

Shovel-Axe-Tank set
Front windscreen frame-A2

Original-Authentic 100%
Guarantee 10.000 Km


  > M151 A1

Full general restoration on body, engine and electrical parts

16.800 Miles coveres
Radiator  and front mask cover , Koni absorbers  installed
Water-Repellent canvas roof  top and doors
Shovel-Axe-Tank set
Brand new tires
Body painted required
100% Originality  Vehicle
Guarantee  : 10.000 KM



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